Band Bio

A legendary performer in the New Jersey/NYC metro area music scene for half a century! He is respected by fellow musicians and music industry veterans nationwide for his rare talent and dedication to musical excellence.
Lenny is known for playing with the sweetness of Carlos Santana, the soul of Jimi Hendrix and the blues of Stevie Ray Vaughn, which combined with his own abilities, makes him one of the finest guitarists/bandleaders known today!
Check out Lenny recorded at Shore Fire recording studio!

JASON SOLTYS: Keyboards & Vocals
Jason began playing the piano at age 3. He was in concert band on percussion from 3rd grade through high school, and studied voice as a music major for 5 years in college. In his free time, he composes, records and produces his own music. He has been performing professionally since he was 21. To this day he has never had a day job, and God willing, never will!

With uncommon energy and versatility, Carl can sing like Robert Plant while playing like John Bonham! An outstanding performer, Carl provides the rhythmic foundation for the entire band to build upon, with a bombastic style that is unquestionably his own. A powerful package!